Receive 15c credit for each eligible container

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Receive 15c credit for each eligible container

Eligible Beverage Containers

Sconto will follow the Government’s Containers for Change guidelines when accepting containers.

Under the guidelines, we will accept most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard beverage containers in sizes between 150 millilitres and 3 litres.

To be eligible the beverage container must:

  • Have contained a beverage product that is not excluded from the scheme. For example, cordials, wine bottles, pure spirit bottles and plain milk are not included in the scheme so containers that have held these products are not eligible for a refund.
  • Display the refund mark. This is so that the Refund Point operator can see if the container is part of the scheme. Most containers will already have a refund mark for SA and NT and these containers are eligible under Containers for Change in WA. Beverage manufacturers have until 1 June 2022 to display the new WA refund mark on their containers.
  • Only containers made of recyclable materials are eligible for a refund, and containers made of non-recyclable materials cannot be accepted.