Easy process to manage limited stock and earn from your home.


Stockist will store stock at their location.



Stockist package the stock based on order.



Customer will visit Stockist’s location to pickup the order.


Bonus Savings

  • 15% bonus discount on products. Limit of $2k products per annum. Save $300.
  • 4% bonus discount on Giftcards. Limit of $1k giftcards per annum. Save $40.

Convenient Model

No need to travel or post parcels. Deliver from your home at your convenience.

Fixed Fee for each delivery

Earn fixed fee for each delivery irrespective of the order value. More predictable earnings.



A secure area to store stock. Average requirement of 2sqm space to store around 50 products. Minimum of 1year contract.


Minimum stock of $1k and a fully refundable deposit to the stock value.


Great Customers with smile and deliver orders. Accept returns where required and deliver to Sconto rep.

Share and Earn More

Refer and
Earn $15 for each successful referral.

Know someone who can benefit and earn from home, share this page and ask them to quote your registered username/email and we will offer $15 Sconto coupon for each referral who registers as Stockist and they'll get $15 Sconto coupon too.


What products will be stored and can the Stockist choose from the catalogue?

Sconto supplies essential non-perishable products to store at Stockist’s location. Stock is provided based on the category distribution around the agents area. Stockist cannot choose the products.

Why the Stockist need to provide Security Deposit?

Security deposit covers the value of stock stored at Stockist’s location. It is fully refundable upon completion of the contract and any remaining stock is returned back to Sconto in the original condition, unused and without any damage.

Who will handle Refunds from customers?

Sconto will manage the refunds and handle the communications with the customer. Sconto requires the Stockist to accept the refunds upon Sconto confirmation and Sconto rep will pickup the goods from Stockist’s location.

Does the Stockist need to acquire insurance?

Sconto recommends Stockist to take insurance to cover loss or damage of the products while in possession at Stockist’s location.

Does the Stockist need to drop off parcels to customers?

Stockist doesnt need to travel or post parcels. Customers will visit the Stockist’s location at a set time defined by the Stockist to pick-up orders.

How often Sconto does restock?

Restock will depend on various factors. In general, when the stock reduces below half of the original supplied stock, Sconto will restock.

How many orders are expected a day?

Sconto doesn’t guarantee an expected number of orders a day.

Can Sconto offer commission based fee?

For Stockist who are interested to do own marketing and larger volume of sales, Sconto offers Reseller subscription where Stockist can choose the products they want to sell and set their own prices.